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Bee Farm

Recognising AFB

It is essential that every beekeeper can recognise AFB. For details and methods that will allow you to do this, please click here.


AFB Courses

Find everything you need here for up and coming AFB Courses in Southland.


Trees for Bees

The New Zealand Trees for Bees Research Trust is a New Zealand based not for profit organisation focused on keeping our pollinators happy and healthy. Bees are under threat worldwide, and are a crucial part of our ecosystem and are vital for plant life.

Image by Aaron Burden

Planting for Bees

A Guide to Planting for Bees.

The guide can be downloaded by Clicking Here

Image by Boba Jaglicic

NZ Flowering Times

A Guide to NZ Bee Plant Flowering Times in selected plant species. The guide can be downloaded by Clicking Here


Varroa Mites

Varroa Management Guides and Videos for helping you effectively manage Varroa in your beehives.

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