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Our monthly Club meeting is every third Wednesday of each Month    7.00pm

These meetings can be held at different venues depending on what we are doing for our meeting. 

Club Apiary  183 Findlay Road 



Commercial Vehicle Centre

120 Bill Richardson Drive


You will find our monthly venue details on our Facebook page or else contact our Secretary - Albertine  027 907 8289. 

If  you want to learn about being a bee-keeper or to improve your knowledge we run group sessions on a 10 day basis on our training hives during the season. Our hives are based in Invercargill and this is part of your membership.

Come along and find out what else we've been up to. See more information in events.


Do you have a swarm of bees? We are happy to help. Please touch base with anyone of our beekeepers in your area.

See Swarm Collections for details.


Want to be apart of our community?

Eager to know more about bees?

Feel free to touch base with us 

Willow Cuttings for sale

The Southland Bee Society have a variety of bare root willow cuttings bagged and ready for sale. If you wish to purchase any of the 18 varieties at just $3.00 each, then please view the catalogue below for further information. 

There is no minimum quantity.


The Southland Bee Society (SBS) is a non-profit organisation for people interested in bees, established in early 2015. Majority of us are hobbyist beekeepers, but our membership includes everyone from hobbyists to commercial and those simply fascinated by bees. 

Our aim is simple. We want to raise awareness about bees and their role in the environment, provide education and support for amateur beekeepers and advocate for best care practice in New Zealand.

The SBS welcomes new members, young and old, those new to beekeeping, or experienced hands. If you are interested in beekeeping, or want to get to know other local beekeepers then you are welcome to come along to our events. We meet every third Wednesday of the month, please see events for full details. We look forward to seeing you there!

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